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Welcome! My name is Jacqueline Romano, but you can call me Jax, or Jackie. I stand in three worlds: storytelling, creative business partnerships and social entrepreneurship. That three-pronged expertise has made me an in-demand conduit between those worlds, the tools for which I would like to share with you to create custom-curated video content for businesses, organizations and individuals who are doing meaningful work on our planet. 


The ability to use storytelling for mentoring and educating is one of the closest things to real magic that exists in human life. Using my years of experience in leading the organic growth and administration of blindfoldmag.com, a socially conscious storytelling platform, and in directing social justice documentary films bring together a remarkable depth and breadth of storytelling experience in individual, organizational and professional development to help you present your own unique leadership, story, and impact to the world.  My work has not only helped inspire policy change toward a positive future for our planet, but has also acted as a tool to raise my clients thousands of dollars in revenue and donations. I believe that this is rooted in the careful thought and heart I put into building each story to create emotionally driven and thought-provoking impact.


As Editor-in-Chief of the storytelling platform I built, blindfoldmag.com, I share the stories of humans who are removing the blindfold on global issues by revealing the truth, and are progressively making things right. On Blindfold, these activists, advocates and educators allow themselves to be seen, they share their stories and they reveal the truth. I believe that the more stories like these are shared, the more we can collectively heal our planet. Let’s remove the blindfold on your story, by creating your own short-form documentary presenting the meaningful work you do and sharing your truth.










We all have beautiful gifts to share, and can serve the planet by being ourselves. What really excites me is supporting others in the meaningful work they feel called to do in the world. Whether you choose to work with me as a story branding video director, or as your mentor, I am here to be of service to guide you where you dream to go.

"Throughout the past decade working with my socially conscious storytelling platform, and partnering with social good organizations, I have observed a gradual, but large shift in people moving away from being 'comfortable'. They are ready to use their pain, their past, their passion and transmute that energy to create work with an intention of raising consciousness and promoting healing both on a local, and global scale. I work with those people. These people have an inner knowing that this describes their focus and drive. They may not be sure of how to connect the dots to make this their reality, but I am here to show them how to use the tools they have to reveal a clear path to spreading their light."



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Jacqueline is a powerful and present filmmaker. She has a rare ability to tell stories that are succinct yet deeply engaging and purpose-driven. I loved working with her and recommend her to people and businesses that are looking to have their story told in a way that creates impact.

- Jesse Israel, Founder of The Big Quiet  (Story Branding)

I absolutely loved working with Jacqueline for my branding shoot. I am not someone who is comfortable in front of the camera and needs a lot of direction to know what to do. Without fail, Jacqueline was able to immediately make me feel comfortable. By the end of the session, I was feeling confident and was actually enjoying a process. When I received the end product was when I was really able to see Jackie's raw talent. I was blown away at how she not only nailed what I wanted, but she captured me in a way that nobody ever had before. She exactly what I needed and I am blessed to have worked with such a kind + talented soul.

- Shanele Wasserman, DC, MS, Myo Medical  (Photo Branding)

Jacqueline has been both an inspiration and an incredible mentor during my transition from college to the professional world. Her wisdom has guided me through many challenging decisions in my personal and professional life. She is deeply compassionate and has a keen eye for the root of every issue. She constantly encourages me to follow my heart and navigate the world with confidence. I would highly recommend her for anyone looking to grow closer to their purpose. She is truly a gem!

- Rachel Wang, Associate Producer at Fortune  (Consultation/Mentorship)