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We start by getting in touch with your goals for working with me, and how you’d like to present yourself to the world. I then take time to review your online presence, assess what could be improved upon and troubleshoot how your story can be told in the most authentic and impactful way possible.



Once we have workshopped your story, my production team will film and edit your very own short-form documentary that can be used to authentically present your meaningful work, to clients, or for fundraising purposes. 



If you feel you’d like to create meaningful work, but are not sure how to align your tools with purpose, I offer one-on-one mentorship to help you achieve this. I have spent years mentoring beautiful human beings from budding young leaders, to leading activists and advocates, on how to live and present themselves in a way that is more aligned with their purpose, resulting in creating real impact.

Together, we will set goals for your branding documentary, whether you are wanting to share your own story or are representing a business, or non-profit organization. I will provide coaching as we develop a story line that will most effectively help you reach these goals.


  • A one-on-one coaching session to set goals for your documentary

  • A 3-5-minute short-form documentary that will present your passion & mission to the world

  • A 1-minute trailer for launching on social media

  • Custom questions created from our coaching session to be asked during your filmed interview

  • A day for filming custom supporting footage to be paired with your interview


Pricing starts at $2200

Tell Your Story Through Video

This option is for you if...

You are an activist, advocate or thought leader who is living out their mission, but want to refine your story, and present your passion, story and work through a video that is branded to propel yourself to the next level.

You are part of a business or non-profit organization that would like to re-brand to present your socially conscious mission to your aligned audience and funders. You are ready to clean-up, or develop your online presence and have guidance in how to tell the story of your history, team and mission.

It can get overwhelming managing a high priority list, doing all of the "shoulds" and with all that’s going on in the world, all you want to do is help… but there is just so much happening. You are ready to answer your call to be of service, but where do you start? How do you show up to do your part? How do you stay true to your purpose? With this mentorship program, we will get clear on answering all of these questions while I guide you into stepping living authentically while creating meaningful work for our 


  • 1 weekly, 1-hour video call session for 3-weeks

  • Assessment of online presence & current goals

  • Goal setting for how you will develop using your tools and passion for creating impact

  • Fine-tuning your story for strategic marketing

  • Accountability coaching throughout the length of the 3-week program

  • Weekly tasks and tools to implement for improved personal or business branding alignment

  • Guidance on anchoring into what truly serves your authentic self

  • Text and e-mail support between calls, as needed




This option is for you if...

You feel passionately about an issue, or cause that needs attention on our planet, but are not sure how to be of service.

You have a unique skill set, but do not know how to use it for your greater goals. You may also want help getting clear on what those goals are.

You are an organization that wants to establish impact initiatives, and would like guidance on executing and presenting them authentically.

You are an activist, or advocate who is doing their part, but want to refine your story, clean up your online presence, and more authentically live and brand yourself to be in alignment with your purpose/calling.

Together, we will set goals for your branding shoot, creating a shot list that will encompass the scope of work that you do, while capturing your personality and passion.


  • A phone call to set goals for your branding photoshoot

  • A lifestyle photoshoot, specially catered to your brand to build your online presence to market yourself to clients and/or press outlets

  • Photo Editing (color correction, light retouching)

Pricing Starts at $650


This option is for you if...

You are an activist, advocate or thought leader who is living out their mission, but feel you need to photo content to present your passion, story and work authentically to clients, press, etc.

You are part of a business or non-profit organization that would like to brand, or re-brand to present your socially conscious mission to your aligned audience and funders. You are ready to clean-up and develop your online presence to authentically present your team to the world through beautiful photo documentation.



Jacqueline is a powerful and present filmmaker. She has a rare ability to tell stories that are succinct yet deeply engaging and purpose-driven. I loved working with her and recommend her to people and businesses that are looking to have their story told in a way that creates impact.

- Jesse Israel, Founder of The Big Quiet  (Story Branding)

I absolutely loved working with Jacqueline for my branding shoot. I am not someone who is comfortable in front of the camera and needs a lot of direction to know what to do. Without fail, Jacqueline was able to immediately make me feel comfortable. By the end of the session, I was feeling confident and was actually enjoying a process. When I received the end product was when I was really able to see Jackie's raw talent. I was blown away at how she not only nailed what I wanted, but she captured me in a way that nobody ever had before. She exactly what I needed and I am blessed to have worked with such a kind + talented soul.

- Shanele Wasserman, DC, MS, Myo Medical  (Photo Branding)

Jacqueline has been both an inspiration and an incredible mentor during my transition from college to the professional world. Her wisdom has guided me through many challenging decisions in my personal and professional life. She is deeply compassionate and has a keen eye for the root of every issue. She constantly encourages me to follow my heart and navigate the world with confidence. I would highly recommend her for anyone looking to grow closer to their purpose. She is truly a gem!

- Rachel Wang, Associate Producer at Fortune  (Consultation/Mentorship)

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