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Ten23 Tanks

Bienvenue, Willkommen, Benvenuti, Bienvenidos, Welcome! If you have visited my portfolio website before, you will have noticed that I redesigned it. As an artist, I like to develop my branding from time to time. I am currently digging this cleaner look that focuses on describing each project from a personal standpoint. Being that this is my first blog post on my new, reconstructed website, I wanted to promote one of my favorite projects.

Over two years ago, I came up with a concept called "Ten23". All my life, I have had two consistent passions: creating art and giving back. I brainstormed through many ideas for Ten23, but I have settled on printing my artwork onto products, such as clothing or accessories, and selling them. Part of the profit from each sale would then be donated to a charity related to the design that I choose.

The first product I have for sale is the "Music is Life" tank top. This design, in a nutshell, is an amplifier plugged into the trunk of a tree with music notes instead of leaves. Music is a big scene in South Florida, where I am from, especially electronic music. Bright colors, neon in particular, are a big part of the culture. So I searched for the best quality neon tank tops, that were unisex so that my design could be worn by all genders, and decided on American Apparel.

The charity I chose to contribute to for this design is The Global Music Project is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that promotes music by independent artists around the world, supports music education through a music instrument donation program and donates brand new instruments to the underprivileged. Please head to and get your "Music is Life" tank top today! Thank you for your support!

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