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Virgina Beach, Virginia // September 2014

Early 2014, I began my job photo editing for one of the world’s leading creators and distributors of award-winning still imagery, Getty Images. The events I have been sent to work on have been so exciting and I've learned so much since my start at Getty. Last month, they sent me on my first traveling gig in Virginia Beach, VA. I had never been, so I was really pumped to check it out. As I left the rental car terminal, I was surrounded by tons of trees and woodsy nature, but when I finally arrived to my destination, a thirty minute drive away, I saw happy vacationers, ocean, kites soaring and military jets making trails across the sky.



This young lady was all about modeling her kite flying skills for me.

Endless amounts of vacationers soaking up the beautiful weather.

I creeped this lady out but I liked how relaxed and peaceful she looked while she watched her family play in the ocean from her little beach chair.

Everyone and their mother was posing in front of this enormous Poseidon statue. The detail chiseled into this thing was pretty incredible.

The boardwalk was pretty great! There were lots of folks rollerblading, riding pedicabs and chasing their little ones.

After my exploration of the beach, I headed to work for Getty's client, Nickelodeon. We were sent to this really cool location at an aquarium where they had an outdoor zip lining course.

This little girl was guiding her nervous brother to each platform. So adorable!


So incredible.

This cutie explorer kept saying "cheese" for me.

While we were in Virginia, we had to travel from one location to the next, which can really wear a girl out! We had a little time to spare between one of our destinations so I found a local coffee shop called "Bad Ass Coffee." Just my kind of place. It was decorated to look like a Hawaiian cafe and they had some pretty unique and tasty flavors.

The store front of Bad Ass Coffee.

The Barista making my White Chocolate Raspberry Latte. Yum.

And of course, I had to stop into a hippie shop that we kept passing by. Half Moon Music is a retail store specializing in Grateful Dead and Tour style clothing and gear. They also have a large selection of Vinyl Records and carry local art prints and originals. It was a pretty great shop! And the artwork covering the outer walls was very nostalgic to a time I never existed in.

I wish I could have taken more photographs of the wooded areas of Virginia, but time escaped me. Until next time.

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