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Denver, Colorado // August 2014

This past August, I was given the opportunity to join friends in Denver, Colorado, for an epic Phish concert experience. While the Phish concert was incredible, to say the least, I did not bring my camera into the festival with me. I wanted to be part of the crowd and take everything in as a spectator, not spending my time with my eye looking through a lens. However, the day after the three day show ended, I had a full day of free time to spend exploring the city. I decided to document my adventure with my newly purchased 5D Mark iii and 24-70 f/2.8L lens, to share with you.

16th Street Mall, Denver, CO

16th Street Mall, Denver, CO

Buddhist Monk Selling Meditation Books at 16th Street Mall, Denver, CO

Street Musicians at 16th Street Mall, Denver, CO

Street Musicians at 16th Street Mall, Denver, CO. I liked his "We, Not Me" t-shirt. The group started with just the drummers, but ended with a tambourine and sax player who walked up and joined in.

My travel buddy, Renee, is a coffee connoisseur, so I made sure to capture moments of her enjoying the local coffee shops.

I spotted some skater lovebirds. I liked their demeanor.

These colorfully painted pianos were randomly placed down 16th Street. Each setting surrounding the pianos, created by the locals or panhandlers who were blessed with a musical talent, was different from the next.

Renee tasting another coffee's brew, in all her hipster glory.

I loved all the characters that roamed the streets of Denver. There were so many types of people from tattooed hippies to the old and wise.

Our last stop was at City Park where dogs ran free and hippies played sports and hula hooped.

Renee with her precious Voodoo Donuts in City Park, Denver, CO.

I am so grateful that I was able to visit Denver, but it seemed that there was so much more to be seen. I hope to end up there again soon.

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